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I want to get an excellant headset/microphone for my computer since we have 3 computers in the same room and the sounds override each other. Additionally, we want to communicate online with our friends. I want to be sure the sound is excellant, the microphone is excellant (even voice recognition quality), and the headphones are very comfortable. Price is not the limiting factor. Please give me some suggestions.

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  1. Don't buy the KOSS headset with the flip down microphone! Bad quality for both. It's the one look like an old walkman headset, cost 20$ more or less. (can take a picture if you want to see it.)

    I was looking at a few with full headphones, which is the best for blocking out others in the room, but no clue on the quality of the microphones.

    Too bad that now every cheap a$$ company (from countries where having a pair of showes mean you're rich) put "Best for voice recognition, High quality" and so on b.s. claims on theis boxes. No I'm not mean, it's just the truth.

    Your best choice is shopping at places where you can try them out before buying, or have a great return policy with lots of choices (of headsets) to pick from.

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  2. I don't know about the headset/mic but the best headphones I've heard are the Sony MDR-V700DJ. Those are very nice!

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  3. Hands down .. no doubt .. get the Plantronics HS-1 You will thank me for recommending them ..


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  4. It sure seems that Plantronics is the king with headsets. The HS-1 look great, but I was also looking at the DSP-500. I think the only difference is analog vs. digital. Here's the sales blurb on the DSP-500:

    Plantronics DSP-500 digitally-enhanced gaming/multimedia headset with full-range stereo sound. Perfect for multimedia applications such as games, CDs and MP3 music, speech recognition and voice applications. The 40mm speakers provide dynamic bass response. Software includes Plantronics PerSono audio control center software, as well as leading speech recognition, voice and gaming applications.

  5. well I sure think the digital ones will be nicer ..assuming your soundcard has digital outs.. price notwithstanding they are more "up-to-date"


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  6. I did go with the DSP-500 and am REALLY pleased. You don't require a digital output from your soundcard, since this is a USB connector which uses the standard Windows drivers and bypasses the sound card completely. The cool part about that is that there is no digital -> analog -> digital conversion that I was worried about and no digital output requirement on a soundcard. To switch from speakers/sound-card to headphones, you just click on the speaker icon on the taskbar to open volume settings, click on properties, and select one or the other from the dropdown list of available devices. The mixer changes to match the device you are using for output. Purdy cool all in all.

    Now the only problem is that when someone is trying to get my attention when I'm playing CS, they have to tap me on my shoulder. ;)

  7. sounds great !! congrats .. mind if I ask .. where you got them and for how much ??


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  8. I got the same plantronics model about 6 months ago and love it. If you're looking for a good price, just look at Pricewatch and MySimon. I don't recall where I purchased mine, but those are the two sites I always check before buying something online.

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