What should i upgrade next?

Hi. I got my hands on some money and now i am thinking of upgrading my computer.
I currently have a pc with:

Intel Core i5 2500k 3.3Ghz
Evga Gtx 590 Classified
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz
And windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.
I also have a 27" monitor, which is pretty crappy (no 3d, 60hz refresh rate, 7ms response time, etc..) and i am using 1080p resolution.

So i have gathered around 600€. And i need help with what i should upgrade.

i) I was thinking of getting the Asus VG278H monitor, as i want to use 3D so bad.

ii) I could get two GTX 670s Jetstream by Palit, 2GB versions, pretty soon.

ii) On the other hand, i could get a gtx 670 4GB now, and another one in April.

iii) Another thing is, i could get a GTX 680 Jetstream 2GB now, and another one in April.

iv) I could also get a GTX 680 4GB now, and another one in mid summer.

v) And last, instead of getting 2 GTX 680s 4GB, i could get a GTX 690 in summer.

As far as AMD goes, i'm not that bothered. Although, i could get two 7970s Double Dissipation Black Edition 3GB models, pretty soon, as they sit only at 405€. However, will they offer considerable performance when compared to Nvidia cards? Also, the 6GB version of 7970, is it dual gpu or single gpu? I mean, are all 6GB Vram usable, or it's 3GB?

Please answer in depth, tell me what would be better and what you recommend.
Thanks. :)
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  1. Since you are looking at the idea of getting 2 cards and SLi'ing them why not just wait till the new cards out or what you could possibly do is or what I would so is wait a month or 2 get a EVGA card get into the Step UP program which leaves you the ability to upgrade your cards to a higher card for example from a 660Ti to a 780 as a example within the first 90 days or 3 months. If you are going 3D you wise as well go with Nvidia. If you don't I'd sit and wait and see what the new cards bring. You have a awesome system already I wouldn't do anything quite yet.
  2. I might as well wait, but people have been saying that the 700 series won't come out until 2014, or late 2013 at best.
  3. No the 700 series is supposed to release q'2 2013 which is around the same time as the AMD cards. My guess would be April/May for Nvidia. I just think you would be happier waiting as your card is amazing already now. And by then the cards will be more capable of handling 3D more then likely and will have a better memory bus and memory then the current gen.
  4. Then i guess that's my best bet. Or i might keep the 590 for now and change to a 3D monitor. I have no problems with my current graphics card, it runs everything with the settings i want in 1080p, but there are very demanding games coming out soon.
  5. Maybe I mean yea there is Metro Last Light which may be a pretty demanding game and Crysis 3 which I don't buy will melt PC's looked the same as Crysis 2 at least the Alpha did.
  6. Well, in my opinion Crysis 2 had worse graphics than Crysis the original, but after watching Crysis 3 trailer with Dx 11 features and tesselation and stuff, i think its graphics are gonna be much better.

    Now, as for Metro Last light, crysis 3, watch dogs and some other upcoming games, i'll consider myself lucky if the 590 maxes them out in 1080p. Even with 30 fps :P
  7. I think you underestimate your card the GTX590. Which is essentially faster then a 680 I'm sure of it or a single 7970 ghz edition.
  8. Well, so far it does the job flawlessly, but games are progressing, sooner ot later there will be a game that will require more than a gtx 590 to be played maxed. I guess lowering some settings at the time won't hurt:P
  9. Well things you could turn down would be AA+AF. But even with that being said I seriously doubt your card would get less then 30 frames in any game at the current moment. And trust me when I tell you that Crysis 3 in all its glory uses the same engine as the previous game and from the footage I've seen it looks all the same to me. I've played all the Crysis games with the exception of warhead.
  10. Well i've been a fan from the first game, i've played them all. Personally, i prefer Crysis multiplayer over crysis 2 one. Same goes for graphics. All crysis, warhead and crysis 2 have great single player though, can't argue on that.

    Now i don't know if Crysis 3 is going to be any better in terms of graphics (because multiplayer will be the same crap), but at least from the videos i am satisfied.

    In any case, Crysis 3 will bring something unique, that no previous game had. The spectacular tesselated toad.
  11. Haha! I don't get the fascination with tessellation I play a game Arkham City and I have it turned on High and not once have I really noticed it.
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