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I have developed a BSOD caused by atikmpag.sys on my laptop, Compaq CQ42. It happened occasionally. There was a time I recalled, which was during the time I re-installed the AMD driver to see if that would fix my problem, yet it proved futile and BSOD popped out. Besides, I always got the "AMD Driver has stopped responding and recovered..." message along with the laptop screen dimming to very dark, yet words could be seen. After a week plus, I sent my laptop to a HP service centre for repair, what I got was they told me that it was a motherboard issue and I just got my laptop back. But, they didn't install the AMD driver for me. So, I just downloaded the latest 12.10 AMD Driver for my ATI HD5430 with Win 7 Home Premium 32bit. During the installation, no BSOD I got, but I still got the message "AMD Driver has stopped responding and recovered...", and the laptop screen dimmed again, I usually would click the 'increase brightness' button to recover my brightness. As I need my laptop to run a few important assignments to be submitted around the corner, so I don't plan to send it once again to the service centre. I did a clean install to get rid of AMD driver files, hoping it won't cause me a random BSOD or restart, so far my laptop's been up for three days. Nonetheless, I still think I haven't fixed the root of the problem, doubting it wasn't a motherboard problem. Anyone has such experience to share? Thanks for your help.
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  1. Everything I am seeing on the AMD and Intel forums for this BSOD issue point to a driver problem, which you caught on to without assistance.

    Am I reading correctly that you have not re-installed catalyst onto your laptop and that the system has been stable for days?

    If so, don’t re-install catalyst.

    Manufacturers will often muck with suppliers drivers. I am betting that the standard catalyst install does something to conflict with a Compaq driver, or that Compaq has altered the driver for their specific configuration and the standard catalyst build isn’t exactly compatible.

    The fact that this issue is making the Intel and AMD boards means you are not alone.
  2. So, it isn't a gpu hardware failure? Yeah, I don't have any AMD driver for the HD5430. But the device manager shows that my HD5430 working properly. My BSOD info is as follows:
  3. ATIKMPAG.SYS: AMD driver. Installed 28/9/2012
    DXGKRL.SYS: Direct X Kernal
    DXGMMS1.SYS: Direct X driver
    NTKRLLPA.exe: NT Kernel
    WATCHDOG.SYS: Watchdog driver

    It doesn't have to be a driver for the GPU to be there and causing problems. Believe your own graphic.
  4. Yeah, I just uninstalled the AMD driver, by any version. I stay fine for more than a week. But, as long as I try to install the AMD driver, I will just get a BSOD, or screen dimming, or problems, which I still couldn't figure it out.
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