Sapphire HD5670 Issue

Hello there!

I just upgraded my video card from an Gigabyte GT220 to an Sapphire HD5670.
When I first pluged the video card, it booted but after Windows 8 LogIn screen my monitor went black, showing an "No Video Signal" Message. I restarted my PC, I passed the LogIn screen and I thought it was fixed, but the same problem appeared again when I was downloading the drivers for it. I restarted my PC again, but this time the screen is black. Nothing shows(Except the "No Video Signal" at start for 3-4 seconds).

When I plug my old GT220 everything works fine.

Before I pluged the HD5670 I made sure I uninstaled my old drivers.
I also reinstaled Windows 8, but the problem wasnt fixed.

Note: I got the card from a friend, because he got a better one now, and on his PC works fine.

My guess is that it has an compatibility issue, but Im not sure. My specs are:
**Intel Pentium 4 631 HT 3.00GHz
**ASRock G31M-S R2.0 Mobo
**2 GB Ram
**"No Name" 440W PSU

What is wrong with it?
Can you help me deal with it?
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  1. if you uninstall the graphics drivers, will the card boot into Windows?

  2. I uninstaled the Nvdia drivers. The HD5670 had no drivers instaled.
  3. this might sound stupid, but I would put my money on the power supply. a lot of times with no drivers, the card runs at its max power, even though its not a lot of draw, that card only draws about 60 watts under full load. Do you have another power supply or another computer to test it in? I hate to have to spend money to trouble shoot a problem.

  4. No I don't... So the PSU might be the problem?
  5. well, if there's no drivers installed, i don't think it would be a driver problem... I've seen Radeon cards boot into windows with the Nvidia drivers still installed anyways.

    got a friend who has an PSU you can test it with?

    The P4 draws 85W MAX and the Radeon draws 60W, so that's at least 145W, or 12A on the 12V rail. Does your power supply say at least 12A for the +12 volts?

    its at least a place to start

  6. mine has 18A on 12V rail
  7. I don't really know if that's the cause, but I had a video card that REQUIRED 46A and 750watts and I had a PSU with exactly 46W but only 650 watts and it wouldn't boot into windows.

  8. well shucks...
  9. All right.

    Thank you!
  10. see if it will boot in another pc, to eliminate your existing hardware or software as the problem, maybe isolate it to just the card.

    if it will, then I would start with Windows 8 :/ I have good luck with Win 8 compatibility though, even Windows 7 drivers have worked fine on some stuff :/

    Just on a lark, do you have 2 sticks of RAM? like, can you pull one stick or the other and see if it will boot with just one stick, or in another slot, or something like that?

  11. My friend also uses Windows 8, and this card worked fine on his PC. I tried the RAM thing but didn't work.
  12. this might sound pretty harsh, but I would avoid spend any money on a P4 computer, like a power supply or other parts to test things. they are really just to old.

    hat's just my opinion though, some other people might have some different advice

    I actually like the 5670 as card though, cuz its got DDR5 and the Parks GPU.

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