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Hello, i am using d-link dir-301, the problem is 2 laptop is connected to it wireless. then, i tried to connect a desktop with a lan cable, the connection drops once in a while, sometimes, after 20mins, 5mins, 10mins... all the connections drops, including the wireless, especially when i tried to play online games, i don't know the reason and the link between the online game and the dropping of connection but it happens. now, i'm trying to do some networking and i need help. i have a d-link des 1008d ethernet switch, when i connect it directly from a modem then to my computer it works fine, but when i try to connect my dir-301 the wireless does not work. my question is, is it possible to connect my dir-301 (just to use the wireless) from my des 1008d, so that ican use the wired connection of my des 1008d and the wireless connection of dir-301.

is it possible to network this way:
modem > hub (desktop)> wireless router (2 laptops)

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