7850 or 7870 Big deifference? need a quick reply

Hi i am busy choosing a new graphics card and have been looking at a 7870 as my budget has slowly been getting lower as time has passed and now i am on a tight budget so please i need the best possible bang for buck graphics card between the 7870 and the 7850.
Also could you provide link to what you think as it would be appreciated i am happy with ebay etc just the cheapest possible but i also want ULTRA settings smoothly on bf3 etc. Im in the UK so if you could post UK websites that would be perfect (i dont really mind tbh xD just a preference) anyways heres a checklist of what i want:

1) 7870 or 7850 (any vendor just good bang for buck good oc aswell
2) Can be off any website in the uk pref low shipping (if off ebay make sure its B.I.N

Also take a look at club 3d fantastic company with quite low costs!

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  1. Hello... Passmark ratings 3661 and 4039
  2. Passmark is a horrible benchmark and does not reflect actual gaming performance in anyway...
  3. Derza10 said:
    That is a decent card not sure how it compares to dual fan cooling solutions though.

    Ive heard that the fan runs a lot faster on this but ive heard if it had 2 fans it would be easily the best card on the market even beating some 7950/70's
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