Trying to Upgrade so I can run Everquest

Greeting and thanks Head of time for your help.

Id Like to run Everquest on my moms computer and I need to upgrade it in oder to do this. I downloaded Everquest but it said my system isn't capable of handling the graphics. I know that at the very least I need to purchase a card which is why im psting this in Graphics section of form.

The specs needed to run Everquest are as follows:

Windows 95/98
Pentium 166+
Direct3D or Glide compliant accelerator card w/ 4MB RAM
500MB hard drive space
28.8K+ internet connection
Windows compatible sound card
Microsoft compatible mouse
6X CD-ROM drive
Pentium 200+

the specs of this PC after downloading cpu-z are as follows:

Intel Celeron 336 2.80 Ghz Prescott 90nm
533 MHz FSB
BUS speed 133.33 MHz
L2 cashe 256 KB

Board: D915GEV

Memory: DDR2 single channel 512 MBz

NO graphics card.

I'd appreciate some suggestions on upgrading this system. According to the device manager there are references to PCI and PCI-E slots

I have read some other posts and I "think" this board can take the highest pentium 4 cpu chip but not sure about that. I am pretty sure i can add 1 more stick of DDR2 Ram and id like to get a graphics card in the 40-50 dollar range since everquest hardly needs any graphics power to fun.

Thanks again!
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  1. That board has PCI-E 1.0.

    This card is on sale for $15 after rebate, and will fit your needs.

    Shouldn't upgrade anything more on that system, unless you wish to start from scratch. It's completely ancient by today's standards.
  2. Thanks for the reply and for the link. Not worth getting a pentium 4 for the board eh? I was doing some further research and looking inside the appears it has single line DDR2 but im wondering if it can handle Dimm...anyways if i just stick that card in htere the machine should run EQ right?

    thanks again
  3. I just took a look at that card you suggested and noted it is DDR3 will my board be able to run it? CPU-z lists my Ram as DDR2...
  4. Well The graphics card will not work with this system...

    a few things...

    I appreciate your help Azathoth buyt i posted the spec of my computer for you and you recommended a card that will not work (which i went ahead and bought)

    The powersupply is no where near enough to run the card...

    her monitor is NOT an HD monitor which the card requires

    The graphics card wont even run on a newer computer i have with which has a power supply of 300w.

    yes this is a rant post...which i wanted to make a whole new topic about

    Azathoth please be more astute if you're going to make recommendations to people...
  5. ddr3 is the onboard memory on the graphics card (it will work) with your pc chill man it is pci that graphics cards run off and DDR3 on the graphics card is the gpu's version of ram kinda thing so yeah it will work so before you start a rant at someone that knows what hes talking about stop, ask him why does it say ddr3 nicely have some patience.

    Cheers, Jake
  6. Feels like I'm in the wrong year....:P
  7. haha linkgx1 i totally agree 32mb of ram never knew or heard of someone with such low specs in 2013!! you can build a computer now for under £100/£200 if your good with your money that will run bf3! on low/medium (not that bad tbh)
  8. Yea I would say if you were to upgrade maybe take a look at the amd A series APU's a a8-10 cheap motherboard and 4-8 gigabytes of ram. What os are you running now?
  9. I was wrong...sorry about the outburst. I am no longer using that computer.

    I'm now using a Intel i3 core system.
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