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Hello, I have just completed my first computer build, I am yet to install a graphics card. My question is, how would i go about streaming media to different tvs at the same time whilst still able to use a full working screen on my desktop screen? Keeping in mind I would like all sounds to be streamed only to the tv(s) in use of their own stream. Is there any programs I will need to install or such equipment to execute this idea? I am also doing this via wireless HDMI. Thanks.
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  1. First what GPU do you have, or are you looking for advice on what one you should get?
  2. I have'nt bought one as yet, I'm more looking at suitable applications to figure out what I will need. Basically I'm using the onboard graphics at present but looking for a suitable upgrade.
  3. What is your budget? Also are you planning to be streaming from the internet to these multiple tv screens, because that makes this a lot more difficult.
  4. I don't have a budget set, though spending as less as possible is always a viable idea. Yes I will be streaming directly from the internet to multiple screens, each screen should have it's own streamed source, e.g. streamed movie with it's own sound on 1 tv and a streamed tv show on the other. I'm also looking into the point of view range of cards.
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    Ok as long as you are not playing games I would recommend a HD7870
    Run your main monitor from a DVI and one tv from one hdmi then get a Display port to hdmi adapter to the other tv. If you have any more monitors you are going to have to spend more. To do multi channel sound you are going to also need a sound card, but I am still not sure if this is even possible to do this yet.
  6. seems i'll have to do a thorough program sound architecture search.
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