Nvidia 630 compatibility on my system

Hi folks,

Can anyone let me know whether the nvidia 630 2gb card would be compatible with my system? Its configuration is as:

MB: D946GZIS (This one has a PCIe 1.0)
CPU: 3.4 Mhz Dual Core
RAM: 4 GB DDR 2 with 667 MHZ fsb
SMPS : 450W

I am almost sure that the card would nevertheless be compatible with the system but would like to know if this configuration will bottleneck the card's performance and if going for this card would be meaningless. If so, please suggest any other cards that I can use on the system that would give me a good gaming experience.

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  1. Yes, it would work but I think ATI/AMD solution would better perform for PCIe 1.0
  2. +1^ For the same price you can get a HD6670 which is better even than the GT640 and consumes less power than the GT630 which is a rebranded GT440 WHICH is slower than the GT240.
  3. in other words.. you're buying a card slower than the GT240 :S id get the HD6670 which pwns the GT640
  4. Thanks for the info guys. Gonna go get the 6670. Happy Gaming :)
  5. You're welcome :)
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