GTX 580 failing? Help!

Bought a GTX 580 off a friend, was working great for about a week. Suddenly had severe graphics issues (BSOD's in game and eventually BSOD's and artifacting even while browsing the internet.) Now I have artifacts right after power-on (before windows).

I've given it back to my friend who ran the card in his system SLI with another 580 with no issues. When he removed the other 580, and used only MY 580 however, he had issues similar to mine (though in a lesser frequency), reseating the GPU helped sometimes.

I believe I might have corrupt VRAM or the VRAM may be worn out. Is that a safe assumption? and if so, without a warranty what are my options? Can I disable all the VRAM? Can I replace it? Can I buy a VRAM pci attachment?! I paid about 150 for the 580 from my friend, and so I'd hate to have only gotten one week of good gameplay out of it.

Thanks so much guys :(

BTW my system is
Asus P8p67 Rev 3.0
4GB Adata DDR3 ram
i5 3570K cpu
CX600 / HX 1000 (currently using HX1000)
Crucial M4 Msata SSD
Seagate 1TB HDD
Potentially forever lost GTX 580.
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  1. id ask him to test souly the card he sold you as SLI i think works in a master/slave mode so say if his card is the master the slave card will possibly not have issues as its not the master/ only card in his system
  2. Did the oven fix with the 580. All problems resolved for now.

    I believe because it was a tight fit in the case something was . . . .damaged (i unintentionally flexed the card more than I would have liked)
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