Asus mb no video when using add-on video card

I just bought an EVGA GT640 2GB video card to put on my PC (ASUS M4A785-M evo, 16GB, thermaltake TR2 500W PS, no oc). No matter how I tried, I could not get the EVGA to output. Disabled on board video, no dice, uninstalled video driver, no dice. Can some one help? Thanks.
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  1. Hello... is there a power connector on your new Video card? did you connect the monitor cable to your new Video card? Did you try a diiferent Video connector on your video card? Did you set your Bio's to external graphics?
  2. Hello,

    No, there's is not a power connector on the video card itself. Yes, I did verify that the DVI connector was plugged in to the new card. The primary video in BIOS is set to the PCIE-16, which is where the EVGA card is plugged into.
  3. your mb has an amd video card built in. do to the age of the mb you have to use an amd video card and not a nvidia. it a chipset and bios issue and not a video card or power supply issue.
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