Downloaded new AMD drivers 13.1, bad fps.

AMD HD7950, i5 3570k, obviously good enough to run Black ops 2 at 150+ frames (Which it did with 12.1 drivers) but today I updated and now I'm getting 40~fps...Needless to say right now I'm going back to the last drivers.

Why would this be? In the list of upgrades released by AMD Black ops is actually one of the improvements.
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  1. Welcome to the club the 13.1 drivers seems to want my card to over-heat for me and im running the 7870
  2. Download driver fusion, uninstall the driver (dont restart) then run driver fusion and clean the driver remnants, restart then install latest driver, i tend to only install the display driver as CCC is crap and i find it causes more problems than its worth, i use RadeonPro instead to tweak settings if i have to.
  3. JackNaylorPE said:

    I don't think that this is they're attempt on smoothing which is making my frames crap because not only is the fps counter low but it is definitely not smooth.
  4. I can comfirl im having micro stutter
  5. Okay well I installed the old 12.1 drivers again, strange how I'm still getting like 70-120 fps on black ops 2.
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