Hello gentlemen, I need help with my GPU. I bought the HD XFX 6870 a while ago and I can't even use it properly. Whenever I try to play a game on high performance (for example: Dota2 on high/med settings) my screen turns black in a couple mins. After like 2-3 secs it goes back on, but it's just frozen. Then I gotta restart the game by CTRL+ALT+DELETE and when i rejoin the game its laggy as hell. I play at like 5-8fps. Btw, whenever the screen turns black, the ingame sounds keep going. This is for EVERY game I have. I tried playing battlefield 3 on medium but it crashed after 1min, same problem occurs with every single game.

How can I solve this? I mean I paid 150 euros, but this aint worth any!!
I tried: Reinstalling drivers, deleting drivers of my old nvidia.

Intel Core i7-920 @2,67 GHz

Motherboard info:
Manucaturer: Acer
Model: FX58M
Chipset: Intel X58
Brand: AMI
Version: P01-A1
Date: 11/25/2009
Memory: Triple DDR3 6144MB
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  1. If all your drivers are up to date and it still does this I'd return it for a refund.
  2. They wont refund. Because I already have it for a while. Just looked up and I have it almost a year.
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