2nd gpu for physx and a monitor?

Im planning on building a pc later this year. Originally i was thinking about 1 680 4gb for 1 monitor. However, i have now decided i would like a second monitor for video, web browsing etc. I don't want to take power from the 680, so i am planning on buying a cheap GPU for the second monitor. However, i would also like the card to run physx. So, my question is, can a 2nd GPU run monitor 2, whilst doing physx for games on monitor 1. Also any recommendations for cards under £150 to do this would be appreciated
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  1. You can bounce back and forth from using as PhysX or 2nd monitor using the nVidia control panel.

    However, unless you are going to game on the 2nd monitor, the 680 is more than enuff.
  2. I will probably just get a cheap GPU for a second monitor and let the 680 handle physx (most games don't have it anyway, so a dedicated card for it is probably pointless). However if in future the 680 is struggling, i can just offload the physx to the cheap card, and turn off the second monitor whilst gaming, which will be a nice backup, and give reasonable performance boosts for future demanding titles and possibly a bit of 3-d gaming.

    Thanks for the quick response!
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