New Power supply with this graphics card


I am getting a new Power supply and graphics card.

I was thinking this graphics card:

I need a 2 x 6 PCIe power supply, max budget of £50 - minimum watts 500

I don't have the biggest case, probably a midi tower.


1. Is this a good graphics card for the money, possibly to play ultra settings on most games @ 1366x768 and get a good FPS while recording?

2. Can you find me a PSU?

If you find a better graphics card, leave a link below :)

Thanks for any replies!
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  1. Motherboard: gigabyte h61m-s2v-b3
    CPU: Intel i5 2500k @ 3.3ghz

    3. Can i use crossfire technology with my motherboard?
  2. Hi. It's probably safe to say that card will play every games at ultra settings at that resolution while recording but it might not good for the money. I think you can get by with the HD 7850 1GB if you don't plan to upgrade to a 1920 x 1080 monitor. The XFX ProSeries 550W has two PCI Express connectors for about £50: Or get the 450W version for a single connector: You can't Crossfire with your motherboard and you don't need to.
  3. First, it's compatible with your board, but for 1366x768 it's way overkill, and you cannot crossfire any card with that board.
    A 7850 is more than enough for that resolution, only if you planning to upgrade also the monitor it's valid to buy that card, it's a good one.
    Browse here for uk sites with 7850 :

    As for a psu this one is perfect, it has what you need :

    Edit : johnsonjohnson beat me to it, same psu and advise.
  4. Hello,

    Thanks for the replies, I forgot to mention that i was gonna buy another monitor at 1920x1080, can i still play Ultra?

    Can i run games on dual monitor? Or how i am now with just one monitor with games and the other for general browsing?

    thanks for the PSU link :) I shall order it!
  5. Also does it matter if i only have 550w? Would it be safer to have a 600/700w?
  6. 550w is plenty for a 7870, even for a 7950, the xfx is a quality psu, no need to worry.
    If you buy that 1080p monitor, you'll game in that one, the other could be for general browsing.
    So if you're buying that monitor, the 7870 LE is a valid and good option, it's basically a 7950.
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