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rather than buying the expensive adapter for my 3rd monitor could i use an old 6950 as an additional card just for its hdmi port? my current card is an amd 7970 and my current plugins are 1 dvi, 2 hdmi. this is my issue. i cannot find an adaptor for the mini display port to hdmi that is active and even on amd's site they dont list one from any company that is an active port. Would just installing the 6950 as a secondary card in non xfire mode work?
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  1. aia believe sofTH may be able to allow for two different cards to work seperatly for 3 monitors but I personally have never tired it so I cannot say how well it will work. If you need an adapter check this out:

    a user reviewed it using a 7970 and is happy with it. Hope this helps! :)
  2. found my own answer actually. but your method works as well. as long as the graphics card are of the hd ati or amd graphics cards they all use the same driver. you just dont use cross fire with a card from a different generation say 7k series to 6k series.
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