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Need help upgrading..

Hello community, I need help deciding if this GPU is right for my computer and BF3.

Intel Pentium 4 3.20ghz, 1.60ghz
4 GB ram (3.25 usable, 32-bit OS :P)
PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot

The only catch to my GPU is it can only be a single slot. For some reason, the main power for the mobo is blocking any chance of a dual slot... I've been eyeing this card right here: run BF3 on my PC... I already got the game from a huge sale (premium edition, 35 bucks) and my current graphics (Galaxy Geforce GT 520) is just too wimpy. So my question for you guys is this:
Will the card linked above be able to run BF3 smoothly on low/medium settings? I'm not picky on quality, just FPS.
I'm kind of a computer nerd, but I just don't have the knowledge of GPUs to know whether or not it would work. Quick responses would be appreciated. Suggestions for other cards under $170 max from Tigerdirect would be appreciated as well. I've got a good friend over at Tiger and he can get me a discount... hehe.
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    Yes it is capable of the graphics you are after. However, keep a few things in mind your processor, and ram are holding you back. What kind of power supply do you have?,3135-6.html
  2. Heck, of course it will... The 7750 is a really good budget card, or if not try one of Nvidias Geforce range? I'd just watch out on you CPU though, not being offensive, but it's kinda old...
  3. Indeed it is core 2 duos are 4-5 years old and I believe pentium 4's are 6-7 years old I'm not exactly sure.
  4. bf3 would need a 2.4 c2d as per there minimum requirements, so no, you wouldnt be able to run it.
  5. @bigshootr8: I'm not quite sure what to do in the ways of ram.. it's just my OS that can only use 3.25 gigs of it... I have a 310 watt one, but I have tons of them around, and I was gonna find a better one...

    @TheGreatHoylando: Yeah, I haven't bought stuff in a while.. and CPU just isn't at the top of my to-get list.

    Thanks for the replies. I'll probably will be going for that card sometime in the near future.

    Edit: @daswilhelm I've downloaded the game and have run it successfully, but my game was so jumpy because of my graphics. (i believe. it could be that my PC is just not good enough..)
  6. I'm sure he could run it his processor isn't exactly up to snub but he could still run it.
  7. bigshootr8 said:
    I'm sure he could run it his processor isn't exactly up to snub but he could still run it.

    i would like to see what it looks like during multiplayer
  8. My biggest problem with multiplayer was that it wouldn't render the enemy team, so they were all invisible until I got killed by every single one.
  9. if you have $170 budget, why dont u replace mb/cpu/ram, at least then you will have a decent platform to start with.
  10. replacing all the components you outline would cost more then 170 dollars. If you are using a 32 bit os you will be bound to 4 gigabytes my guess is that you are using XP. Don't get me wrong you got a good deal on BF3 your computer on the other hand is on its last legs it seems like with modern games.
  11. GIGABYTE GA-H61M-DS2 $54 (44 after MIR)
    Intel Pentium G630 Sandy Bridge 2.7GHz $67 (if you live near a microcenter, then G645 @49.99)
    4gig DDR3 (2x2) $25

    there, that was less than $170, and a very up to date pc.
  12. Right but it isn't a quad core which more and more games are utilizing. Not to mention its not even a i3. Also, where as 4 gigabytes of ram may be nice 8 gigabytes is optimal in my eyes for gaming. I would say 250-300 for those components to deliver a better value of performance.
  13. ok, so its not a quad core, i have setup a few pentium g's that game just fine, remember, we are comparing this to a pentium 4.....

    and as far as i3 goes, that pentium g is right there in performance, and he can always drop in an i5 if needed in the future.

    also, 4 gig, because, as the OP said, hes using a 32 bit o/s....

    you said he can't upgrade for $170, obviously, he can.
  14. Right but see you are just upgrading his system to fit in a 7770. Anything beyond a GTX660 or 7850 would crumble under that CPU, and RAM. I understand you can get components to make what he is doing work but after the fact of spending that amount of money on his system he would still have to pay 100 or so dollars for 7770.
  15. you're right, i am upgrading his system, because that's what he needs.
  16. I'm not disputing that I just don't like the components because with the choice of processor you are already locking him in. It is true that he could at a later point upgrade his CPU but you are artificially adding cost by doing that.
  17. I do however like that instead of a all or nothing build you are giving him at least an avenue I can respect that.
  18. and having him throw a $100+ GPU at a 10 year old CPU isn't locking him into anything?

    if i have a car thats worth $500, am i going to put a $10k engine in it? no, because it doesnt make sense.
  19. i just feel spending that kind of money on a video card at this point is pretty useless.
  20. I agree especially with BF3. He can do better. And given the age of his machine I would go the same route before touching the card. And if his budget is strict and what your suggesting is the going rate then I would say you supply the best now solution.
  21. I actually run Win7 on here. It runs great. But all this talk is making me think that my setup won't BF3 at all... :P But I'll start out upgrading my GPU. If it works, great. If it doesn't, I have the next part I need to continue upgrading my computer. :D I extremely appreciate all this help. Thanks.
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