"display driver stopped responding and has recovered" Radeon 7770 2gb

I have a new Dell XPS 8500 desktop with a Radeon HD 7770 2gb card in it. Often times, when I bring the computer out of hibernation or the screen saver off, the screen will look distorted and frozen, then will go back to normal with the alert message "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" (or a similar message, can't remember the exact words).

I did some searching and it looks like others have had this problem with a Dell and a 7770 card. I checked my device manager and my driver is up to date on the GPU.

I have also read where people are saying this is caused by an underpowered power supply, but I dont know what mine is and I would assume Dell would have the sense to put one in powerful enough

Now I am growing very concerned and need to know if I need to make a fast decision here to return this thing before the 21 day return window is up, or what. I am definitely worried. What can be causing this?
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  1. List the stats. I don't like dell but I would think the same thing about the psu. You should be able to check the wattage by looking at the side of the psu. If it isn't adequate you have a pretty big complaint
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