Everything crashing, please help!!!!

I have a Ati Radeon HD 5700 series (5770) and i got this card about 3 months ago off a friend and the first 2 months the card was working good, ever since i got black ops 2 its crashes the game and it didn't know what he problem was, if i turn the speed of the gpu up it putted lines across my second monitor, sometimes i can get it working but most it doesn't work, normally i mess around with the virtual studio's c++ like 2010 ad 2008 mostly to get it working.

I can tell the problem is the virtual studios c++ and i'd love to get this problem solved, to include, it also does it on some other games like the original black ops which used to work, please i really need to sort the problem, i have a spare £80 to spend on parts and i dont want to replace the graphics card.

Also sometimes after i stop paying games, every program stops responding and i have to restart my pc to get it working again, is that a ram problem?, shall i get a new motherboard? please help!!!!


Windows 7 pro 64bit
Ati 5700
AMD athlon quad core 3.00ghz
4gb ram
Custom build pc
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  1. junk video card.
  2. Agree bunk card. At this point I believe you are experiencing graphic anomalies on your second screen called artifacts. Also, since you have 64 bit pro you wise as well have 8 gigabytes of ram in your machine. Also, I'm not exactly sure what AMD chip you have (model number for example 965)
  3. Is there any way to fix the graphics card, please i bought black ops 2 in november and havent played it yet:(
  4. Well do you know what your card temperatures run at? Does your computer run hot?
    For your graphics card you can check the temps with MSI afterburner. However, your card may already be permanently damaged.
  5. what the brand and model of the power supply in the pc?? may be to low to run your video card.
  6. from what I read you weren't happy with the performance. so in your infinite wisdom you decided to over clock the card. now you have lines or dots or both and the card is performing worse........... time for a new card. leave things alone. lesson learned.

    if you have trouble with games you should have opened the games control panel and made adjustments. you could have also lowered the screen resolution. both would have helped.
  7. hmmm, some things to try...

    1) check your card temps via the cat control center or MSI afterburner
    2) get a program to monitor your PC temps and voltages -- like speedfan or something. if your voltages fluctuate at all when you game your power supply is probably not up to snuff, if it gets too hot find some air duster haha
    3) if you are overclocking your card/PC... stop it for a minute
  8. My power supply is 750 watt which is plenty, my pc is reasonably cold inside, i feel the card and there is slight warmth, no i didn't overclock the card, on the black ops 2 forums it told me to turn up the speed to see if that solves the problem but either than that i haven't touched it, anymore help?
  9. " on the black ops 2 forums it told me to turn up the speed to see if that solves the problem"

    and what exactly did you do?
  10. Yea I'm curious as well what they advised you to do.

    It's a good sign that your case runs cool. However, you may have pushed your card to hard if you overclocked in any way. Which could of permanently damaged your card.
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