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So I bought a wireless adapter after I upgraded my motherboard. I needed a pci-express one because of the new layout that couldnt allow a PCI since my crossfire setup blocks the slot. I bought the edimax 7612PIn everything was working fine until I started messing around with the N connection to my router. The connection was awful to the BTHomeHub2 that I had, so I thought why not upgrade my router so I got the TPLink W8961ND. The connection to this router was even worse when I enabled N only or mixed. The only way I can sustain a decent connection is if i force the router to b+g and channel 6 -- any other channel like 1 or 11 just makes the adapter beg for mercy. I've updated the drivers for the adapter from realtek the chipset manufacturer.
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  1. since no one has replied i can just say that i have bought a new adapter, should be here soon :/
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