Nvidia GTX650 Very Low Performance

ok everyone, first time posting on a hardware forum, and i need HELP. keep in mind this is for a FRIEND, not me. but for the most part i am his tech support.

His Specs:

Mobo: asrock A770DE+
CPU: Athlon 64 X2 (2.3 GHZ) (AM2 Socket) Overclocked to 2.7GHZ (i know, its old)
Memory: 2Gb DDR2 (866 speed i THINK, not positive) (and yeah, i know the memory is old too)
PSU: Antec 430 watt (brand new)
HDD: Western digital 500Gb (sata)
GPU: Nvidia GTX650
OS: Windows XP 32bit (like a boss)

On to the problem: this rig was useing an old nvidia 8600gt card (256mb) in this rig, so he wanted an upgrade. he ended up buying a nvidia gtx650. when put in, i had him uninstall all previous drivers, start with a clean slate, and install the newest drivers from nvidias website. the performance after the upgrade has stayed the same, and in some instances, went DOWN. testing has been done in the following games or programs: league of legends, crysis (yes, the original), blacklight retribution, and benchmarks in passmark (a benchmark software similar to 3d-mark). in league of legends, the FPS has stayed the same upon the swap, in crysis, performance has DECREASED, the old 8600 could play crysis on low settings with "meh" FPS (20-30)
and with the new gtx650, crysis will drop as low as 6 FPS rendering it unplayable, it will randomly jolt between FPS such as 6 FPS, to as high as 40 FPS, with no stablilty. in blacklight retribution, the old 8600 would not even play the game above 20FPS on low everything, with the new gtx 650, FPS with soar above 60 FPS for a split second, then bomb down to below 20 FPS, and randomly jump between around 15FPS to 30FPS. in passmark, the old 8600 would score a solid 400, and the new GTX650 would perform with a score anywhere between 700, to 820. typical scores of the GTX650 are said to be 1800.

our scores show very low performance, with no stability to frame-rates. games have no stable FPS, but mostly very low FPS.

now obviously, most things would point to his ancient CPU, or very low memory, but a year ago, MY rig was running an old intel core2duo (only slightly better than his athlon 64) and 2Gb of ddr2 just like he is, with a 5770 GPU. and it ran every game i needed like a boss, and the 5770 is slightly worse than the gtx650, so how could it be the cpu???

i have to also mention, we also tried a brand new Radeon HD7770 in his rig, and somehow it had the same, low performance. i have NOT tried his GTX560 in MY rig yet, but from the radeon7770, and other tests, things do NOT point to the GTX650 being faulty. again, i realize the cpu+memory is old, but like i said before, i ran a similar setup a year ago, with a 5770 with no issues while gaming. plus he is on a very strict budget.


i dont think it could be his pci-express 2.0 slots not working with with his GTX650 pci-express 3.0, because its backwards compatible. he has plenty of power (430W) for his rig, coming from a well-known antec, so it cannot be that.

could a new cpu fix this?
could new/more memory fix this?
could a reformat fix this?
could windows 7 64-bit fix this?

need help plox!
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  1. Like you said it's probably a mixture of his older CPU and lack of RAM. Also unlike you said, 430W is not a lot of power so could be a potential bottle neck aswell?

  2. CPU Bottleneck
  3. TheGreatHoylando said:
    Like you said it's probably a mixture of his older CPU and lack of RAM. Also unlike you said, 430W is not a lot of power so could be a potential bottle neck aswell?


    thanks for the quick response! thats what i was thinking, oh and its actually 450W i found out, i dont see that being insufficient power for his rig, im running a 430W with more power hungry hardware than his, and my hardware is overclocked! quick question though, because of his very tight budget, lets say he can really only afford a $100 or less CPU, and an extra 2 GB of DDR2, giving him 4Gigs...for a hundred bucks, do you think a slightly older AMD phenom X4 965 BE (AM3 socket) in addition to the 4GB of DDR2 would rid him of his bottleneck issues?
  4. I think the CPU + RAM does not perform as well as they did before
  5. CPU bottle neck plus RAM, not all brands of 450w Power supplies are equal. Though it may say its a 450w but it may actually be a 350w in performance. I'd change the motherboard and get a up to date CPU and some DDR3 RAM.
  6. Did some testing with passmark, and the CPU was overclocked, and underclocked many times each change was tested in passmark's GPU benchmark, and every CPU clock change directly correlates to the PassMark GPU score, so it definitely IS the CPU! thanks everyone for the help!!! couple quick questions, would a cheap upgrade to a phenom X4 965 and an extra 2GB of DDR2 suffice to eliminate the bottleneck? (even though i know DDR3 is wanted) also, im new to the forum, can i mark this thread as "solved" or something like that?

    Again, thanks everyone!
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