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Computer not recognizing my NVIDIA GTX 650 graphics card

I recently installed my new GTX 650. The fan works and everything is plugged in right, at least I think. The drivers in the included CD don't work with windows 8, so i tried to install the online drivers, but the installer, the auto detector, nor my computer could detect that the GPU was in there. I tried unplugging and replugging the card in, but to no avail. Any other possible solutions?
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  1. what mainboard do you have? Possibility its not compatible and Will power up but not be detected.
  2. I've had problem having the online detector detecting my VGA card too. Just down load the proper driver from nVidia and run the install program. Be sure you have uninstalled the driver for the old VGA card 1st.
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    make sure in the bios with the new z77 mb that the gpu is set first (peg/pci) not ipgeg. make sure when you post the video cable on the gpu and not on the onboard video port. make sure your mb bios has all the updates. make sure you installed the newest mb chipset drivers.
  4. Just to cover all the basics....i had a client to this once..... Couldn't get his graphics card to work brought it over my place. He had it plugged into the motherboard but did not plug it in with the power supply.
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