White Screen of death when playing Crysis 2 on Ultra 660ti

I'm getting white and red screens of death after about a minute of game play in Crysis 2 with my EVGA 660ti SC. This is only with all the settings on ultra. I have the in game FPS and temperature tracker in the corner, and I go from around 60-70 FPS and the temp goes to about 73 degrees. That seems fine.. every time it happens, it goes from pure black, to white in a matter of seconds and I have to press my restart button.

What the hell? Please help!
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  1. just ideas... over-strain (if you have it overclocked to much) ive had that happen to me before, 73 degrees seems within reason, but thats not necessarily "cool". i also had problems with crysis 1 that were resolved when i ran it in DX9, or DX10 compatibility modes, i forget which... i guess u could try fiddling with compatibility modes by right clicking crysis 2 icon and go into properties. but if the problem is fixed by simply moving the graphics down to just high, maybe its not even worth the hassle?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I would like to find a way to play on ultra, as I should be able to. Would increasing the voltage to the GPU help at all? I havent overclocked at all, it came that way from the factory. I think a $330 card should do its job, especially with an i5 3570k and 8GB of ram helping out. I have alot of money in this system and to neuter in down to high would disturb me lol.
  3. your very right, that system should run that without a sweat, if you haven't overclocked, then don't worry about changing voltages at all. stock voltage is what its made for at stock speeds. just to throw a couple other ideas out, do you have all your latest drivers? and is the game patched to its latest patch? games are released with a surprising number of bugs still in it, so if its not patched that could be an easy fix.
  4. At what resolution are you playing?
  5. 1920x1080

    I don't know where to look for patches. Could someone link?
  6. the latest patch is 1.9, this patch added support for DX11, and many bugs, i say this actually has a fair chance of fixing your issue, being my prior issues with Crysis 1 were Direct X related. check around on fileplanet. http://www.fileplanet.com/219315/210000/fileinfo/Crysis-2-Patch-v1.9
  7. I downclocked my 660ti to the stock 915 MHz from the 980 MHz it comes from the factory with and have no issues playing now. I'm disappointed the factory overclocked card makes itself unstable though and crashes a game it should be able to slaughter. I'm going to return it none the less. I'll get a vanilla 670 or 680 and not bother with overclocking.

    also, its the fact I payed about $50 more for the SC edition, and have to neuter the card down to stock speeds because it isn't stable enough to play a demanding game. That pisses me off more than anything else.
  8. i see, i have heard a bit about certain factory overclocked cards being unstable, and has happened to a friend of mine, i always buy stock speed cards, with heavy duty coolers, so i can do the overclocking myself, and still be covered temperature-wise. for example right now i have a slightly older radeon 5770 vapor-X edition, 860MHZ core clock stock, and 1200 memory clock stock. i have it overclocked to 950MHZ core, and the memory overclocked to 1350MHZ. the vapor-X edition only raised the core by 10MHZ, but added a much better fan. im glad you found your issue, my very first prediction was actually correct, unstable overclock... take my advise into consideration, get a well-known brand, with near stock speeds, with a good fan. good luck, and all the best.
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