7970 ghz or wait for 8970?

Just looking for some imput on my upgrade due to a serious inner debate i've been having on my next gpu purchase. I've been browsing around trying to find information about the upcoming amd 8000 series and due a lack of in depth knowledge on gpu's, i was unsure if there is an validity to the rumored specs and release of the amd 8000 series in q2 of this year. If the release date is accurate would the rumored specs be a significant enough upgrade to warrant waiting an extra 3-5 months for the 8970 rather than purchasing the sapphire 7970 ghz vapor x card now?

the rumored specs i was referring to
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  1. It always depend how long you can wait and pay. Even if the release date is accurate, AMD card always overprice in their first launch, its because nvidia still not release their new series yet and can't compete with AMD for the moment so AMD will always make the price higher.
  2. Thats what I'm doing austin020690, but with the 8870...
    The only worry I have is that there isn't much info on the cards and if there is it's vague.
  3. ashharun has it right, even if the release date is accurate, plan to wait a while after that even to buy the card you want, unless you want to throw money away. it all factors how long you want to wait
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