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Upgrade my graphics on GT 610

I just bought a Geforce GT 610 DDR3 2GB graphics card and am sort of underwhelmed. Not really sure what I expected with a Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB of RAM though.

Would an upgrade to a new processor improve my graphics? Thinking about picking up a CPU/Mobo combo from microcenter for a AMD FX 6300. Would this help?
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  1. That GPU is terrible as well a new CPU is in order.
  2. You need a much better card, that card even for htpc ain't that good.
    At least a 650 gtx(from that series)...
    It's not the cpu, although it's old, it's the card.
    If you can pick a new cpu+mobo+gpu, get it.
    But if you have only a budget for cpu and mobo drop it, and just get a better card...
  3. Wow, no, the 610 is HORRIBLE. If you can return it, do so.
  4. That's terrible expensive for a 650 gtx, it's not the titanium one, you can get a 650 ti for that price in newegg.

    If you must buy in a microcenter store get this :

    It's better and cheaper.

    If you can buy in newegg :
  5. Gt 610 is bad.get atleast hd 7770 or gtx 650ti.
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    Yea I would look at 650ti's and 7770's. I would also use pcpartpicker to look over prices so you can compare and contrast.
    650,650Ti, 7770 price breakdown with pc part picker.,118,79&sort=a5
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