What the best card ..? evga gt630 ,asus gt610 or sapphire hd6450 ?

hello guys!!
i just wanna know whats the best card ..! evga gt630 , asus gt610 or sapphire hd6450 ? :)
pls give the assending order!
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  1. Three are bad card.you need to get atleast hd 6670.overall hd 6670 > hd 6570 > gt 630 > hd 6450 > gt 610.suggesting you to get hd 6670.
  2. Out of those cards the 630 is the best. I would only use a lower end card if you were after a display card and quite possibly a card that could do HDCP content ex., blu ray content. Otherwise I would suggest 650Ti, 660, 7770, 7850. You are wasting your money on a lower value card if you are aiming to game if you aren't then a gtx630 could do well for you.
  3. try and get the 6670 . its the cheapest card that actually can game on medium-high settings in most games. its not much more expensive than 630
  4. GT 630 is the best card. Well, basing on the options you gave. GT 610 as the slowest. You can play games on GT 630 at 1366 reolution. You may get 20-30 fps. Medium to high settings and depending on the game you want to play
  5. I'm not so sure about the 630 the 6670 has shown to have an advantage over the 630. If you look near the bottom. I'm going to +1 to ash on his earlier statement.
  6. Just basing on options you he gave out. GT 630 is the best.
  7. If you slapped both them out for pretty much the same price the only reason I would get a 630 would be for dx11 support but hell good luck with a 630, 6670 better performer, similar price no brainer.
  8. Well, Here in Iraq people just usually buy low end cards for gaming. I mean, GT 630 may not be impressive but i'm pretty sure it will do the job at 1366 or basic resolution
  9. Well I think for the price you probably pay for cards there it would be a high end card here.
  10. yup graphics card and computer hardware is much more expensive in other countries than usa.. i bought 7750 for $150 for which one can get a 650 ti and the 6670(ddr3) goes for $100 while 630 is about $80.
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