About AMD HD 7770 , And Power supply

My Spec is :
-Processor : AMD Vishera FX-4300 3,8 Ghz 4 Cores
-Motherboard : ASRock 985GM GS3 FX
-Grapich card : Palit Nvidia GT 430 1GB DDR3 128 Bit
-HDD : WDC 500 GB
-Power Supply : imax 450w+ and not pure

if I change my Graphic card to HD 7770
Can I run xfx HD 7770 on 450 watt power supply and not pure power
This is the default power supply chassis
the name of PSU is imax p4 lga 450w+
I do not know the quality is good or not
thnx for answer
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  1. NO YOU MAY NOT! upgrade your psu to a 80+ certified 430watts Corsair PSU and then you can
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