Why is there a whistling noise in the ingame menus of certain games?

I have an Asrock Extreme 4 mobo, a sapphire amd 7950 and a corsair hx650 (the older model)

Whenever I start FTL or Unreal Tournament 2004 there is a loud whistling sound that comes from my computer. In FTL as soon as I get out of the first main menu it stops. In UT it continues for a bit but dies away. I"m playing Far Cry 3 at the moment which is running smoothly at max settings without any problems. A particularly odd thing is when Far Cry is running in the background and then I run FTL there is no noise at all.

I thought it was the psu because the new version of the hx650 has problems but I changed it for the older version and the noise is still there.

Could it be my graphics card? If so then why only in these 2 games? And why then does the whistling stop when I play FTL with Far Cry 3 paused in the background?
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  1. This could be Coil-whine.

    Unfortunately there is almost nothing that can be done to prevent this.
  2. Is it dangerous for my components?
  3. So I've now tested on a variety of games, old (2008 and prior) and new. (2012) and this noise is only there on these 2 games. If it was coil whine then why is it there for 2 games only?
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