Crysis 2 crashes, nothing else

Been overclocking my 7970, got it to 1230/1650 stable, except in Crysis 2. I can play for hours in other games, but in Crysis 2 it crashes in about a minute. Is there a reason for this? Is it really that much more stressful than Battlefield 3 or Metro 2033? Or could it just be a weird issue with the game? It's kind of annoying, but not enough to make me reduce clocks unless that is definitely the issue.
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  1. If you run crysis 2 with the 7970 at stock speeds, does it crash? If it does not crash, then the overclock is probably cause and if that's the case, you'll definitely have to lower the clock speeds a little bit. Lower them slowly until you find the best speed that is stable with the game.
  2. I turned the fans up, and it didn't crash after about 10 minutes? Is that good news?
  3. So, this shows that it could be a temperature problem. Test/Play longer. Use MSI Afterburner to monitor temps while playing games. However, before that, I would suggest you run Furmark and see if you clock speeds are actually stable. Again, monitor temps while running it.
  4. How long or whatever? I did the default 1080 test and it seemed to pass...
  5. If you pass, then you pass. Usually 30mins or so is enough. Next, test it with crysis 2 or other games for long enough and see whether they still crash or not.
  6. 30 minutes? That seems like a long time for what it's doing. It's fine at 30 minutes, stressing my GPU more than anything ever has :S
  7. Crysis 2 still crashes?
  8. It wasn't crashing before when I put the fans to 100%, after about 10 minutes or so.
  9. 100%? That's going to be loud for most cards. Set the fan speed lower, maybe 70-80% unless you're really fine with 100%.
  10. I always have headphones on and I can't hear it at 100%, so it doesn't really bother me.
  11. So I assume the problem is solved then?
  12. Seems that way. I guess it was just an overheating problem?
  13. Yeah, seems that way. I suggest you to always monitor temps whenever you're gaming. Like I said before, MSI Afterburner can do it.
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