XFX 7970 Overclock xXx Black Edition vs Double Dissipation GHz Edition

Don't know which one too choose from, since the black edition is more expensive and the GHZ edition is basically more GPU clock?

Please help me decision...?

Thank you.
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  1. Just get which one is cheaper and/or has better cooler. Clock speeds are hardly relevant when choosing between the same GPU, especially since almost all 7970 can hit 1GHz easily.
  2. +1 on EzioAs.

    This is what I would suggest, arguably THE BEST AMD GPUs that you can get.


    That is the GHz Edition.

    But I would say rather get the normal edition, save yourself some monay and OC it yourself.


    The above one is slower clocked but can easily OC to 1100MHz plus! Making it the same or better than a GHz edition anyway.
  3. and +1 to Novuake. I agree with him with the recommendations. In my opinion as well, get the latter (cheaper, non-GHz) one.
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