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Would a Seagate 15000rpm scsi hard drive need a hdd cooler? or can I just put it in my case internally without a hdd cooler? I'm asking this because I don't have enough space in my case for 5.25 bays. Thanks
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  1. Probably, a 15000RPM hard drive is sure to heat up pretty quickly, and a hard drive cooler wouldn't be a bad idea in that case.

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  2. I would recommend you have one for a drive spinning that fast.

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  3. well I'm going to get the coolmaster atc-110 aluminum case and all my 5.25 bays are going to be used. So would it be okay if I put 2 15k/rpm hardrives internally behind two 80mm air intake fans?.. By having a hard drive temperature heat up does the performance actually decrease? And does it shorten the life if it's not being used with a hdd cooler? Thx again.
  4. yes, that should be fine. airflow fro the two fans should be sufficient to cool them.

    performance doesnt decrease, except in very rare cases where the drive has trouble reading sectors and such...

    most of the issue arises with increased noise due to heat and reduced lifespan. a cool drive is a happy drive.

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