I just need help

Hey all i cant get a signal from my graphics card to my monitor
it seems lame i know but they cost a ton of cash and i want to play my crack in peace
my specs: Rampage 3 motherboard
2x580 gtx super-clocked
12g ddr3 dominators
980x intel i7
Coolmasters P
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  1. did u make shur everything is connected.

    and does the rest of ur pc turn on?
  2. Everything cuts on just fine powers up like normal just nothing to the monitor
  3. have u tried taking ur ram out and reputting it in, somethimes that does the trick.
  4. rgr just did that no luck i havent tried a diffrent monitor ..
  5. try a different monitor. is it possible ur videocard is defective?
  6. OMG i hope not i cant afford new ones!
  7. hmm. test ur gpu on different system.
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