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To dremel my case or not? (for 2nd 670)

Case: CM Storm Scout I
Max card length: 10.6"

Card: Gigabyte Windforce GTX 670 (3 fans, approx. 11" long << LOL)

So the first one fits, barely. The shroud is sticking through an oval hole in the HDD cage.
I have three options, as I see it now.

1.) Buy a case that allows for longer cards. Problem: I just bought the Scout a few months ago, and it can't be returned.

2.) Dremel out a slit in the HDD cage for another Windforce 670. Problem: I don't have a dremel and I'm as handy as a retarded thumbless monkey.

3.) Get a non-matching 670 that is shorter than the Windforce. Problem: I'm not OCD but I don't know how these mismatched, different length GPU's will look.
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    If you don't know what you are doing it may not be a good idea to dremel your case, but it is not too hard.

    1. First of all you could sell you current case as you mentioned , and buy a big full tower case. This is the expensive option, but if you decide to cut your HDD cage you will have to buy a dremel. This would solve your problems.

    2. You could sell your windforce x3 card and get a two reference gtx670. I saw a thread a while ago that said that the temperatures of two gtx670 cards with windforce coolers are not so good. They are great cards (I have one myself), but they exhaust hot air into the case, and if you have two it would exhaust all the air onto the other card. They are usually best for a single GPU setup. With a reference card the hot air is exhausted through the vents in the PCI-e bracket which is better when you have two cards in SLI.. So two of them in SLI would be an alternative to buying a new case.

    Personally I wouldn't like having two mismatched cards, and as they would have different coolers (one exhausting air into case, one exhausting out of the case) you would have to have very good case ventilation. You could have the reference card above the windforce card (exhausting hot air out of the case), and the windforce card on the bottom. That way you give the windforce cooler room to do its job.

    Or if you are very CAREFUL :) then you could take out the things from the case and cut into the drive cage. But I would not do it.

    Hope this helps!
  2. Hehe. I bought an NZXT Switch 810, and sold the Storm Scout for 90% of what I paid, so I'm happy.

    The Switch 810 has a nifty fan setup blowing air right at the GPUs, pushing air towards the back of the case. This will absolutely solve all of my problems.

    Also, I'd have to recommend that nobody even messes with the Storm Scout. It's decent but there's no cable management, bad airflow, cramped in general.

    Thanks fil1p for the suggestions :)
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