HD 6950 fan to 100% then crash

Ok, so this started a three days ago and I thought nothing of it, I was on the Starcraft II homepage and i went downstairs but when I went downstairs I heard the fan blaring out of the PC. I obviously hard reset my computer and booted it up again ; this is when things are getting weird.

Instead of my GPU fan doing it's usual thing of going to 100% for around 2 seconds then backj to default 30-40% It went from 100 - 40 - 100 -40 - 20 - 100 (%) I hard shutdown my computer again and went to check if there was anything obstructing the card or my power Supplies fan; but nothing was to be found. I booted it to Safe Mode and there was no problems at all. I shut it down again and booted it up as normal and it was absolutely fine i could play any game I normally played no probs. it did it once or twice over the next few times but it wasn't too annoying as I thought I knew what was wrong with it. ( Also forgot to add that since around 2 weeks ago the screen turned off every 2 minutes when I wasn't doing anything on the Pc but i don't think this was it)

Then this morning when I booted up it crashed after 2 minutes being logged on and opening chrome, I left it idle for like 30 seconds and it crashed. I put it to safe mode and then it crashed in safe mode after around 2 minutes....

I have absolutely no idea what is causing this problem I can hardly actually use my pc anymore

Help please :)

Yours Sincerely
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  1. I forgot to add my pc specs but here they are,

    HDD : 1TB Western digi I thinks but no problems there
    CPU : FX 4100 @ 3.6ghz
    Memory : 8GB crucial DDR3
    Graphics Card : HD 6950 2GB reference card about 1 year 1 month old(never OCed)
    Motheboard : MSI -p23

  2. Oh and Power Supply : OCZ 550W (80 plus bronze 4 weeks old)
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