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Since today, my GPU fan has started making weird noises. It just stops in between sometimes and i have to rotate it by hand to make it start spinning normally again with that sound. Here's a video to show it.. help me guys .. its a sapphire hd6850.

I downloaded MSI afterburner and reduced the fan speed to 25% manually. The noise disappeared completely. As soon as I take it above 40, the noise returns back. I'm sure there is a problem with the fan because if dust would have been there then the noise will be present at all speeds!

Stress tested the GPU for 1 hour with 20% fan speed. Result >

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  1. Rma that gpu
  2. Isn't there any other solution?
  3. I donot think so there is any other solution.
  4. aftermarket cooling solution is the other solution :)
  5. Just hunt down a good after market cooler for like $40 and sap it on. You could if you have the need to get cheap then remove the stock cooler then remove the fan shroud. You can get a decent or better quality 80 or 92mm fan (I suggest two side by side) and strap them on after cleaning everything up. Not only will the temps improve the problem will go away.
  6. fan is off balance and will fail follow the forum advice before you burn the graphic card .
  7. I'm thinking of RMA'ing the GPU guys. Its only 1 month old and I have started facing artifacts on screen. The screen becomes hazy after gaming for 1+ hours..
  8. good decision ,since your also starting to have artifacts .
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