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Gpu voltage insanely low

Alright so i've overclocked my video card and played metro 2033 for a bit some other games as well. But today I was playing far cry 3 and it crashes on me im wondering if my overclock is unstable, but i look at gpu-z and my voltages drop into the negatives! like this

Is this gpu-z not reading the voltages right or something i really dont understand, i bumped up the voltages a bit on my oc and it still happens, i could bring my oc down but i dont think that the voltages should ever read that low.

phenom II x4 965 BE
His iceq 7870
gigabyte 990fxa ud5
ocz fatil1ty 750w psu
8gb gskill ripjaws
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  1. Run everything at stock.
  2. Yea its my oc cause i dropped it down and it blue screened, i thought i added more voltage but when i hit apply in his iturbo it set it back to stock lol not sure why i probably should just use msi. the thing that sucks is i really wanna get a stable oc on my memory clock cause far cry 3 was running so much better.
  3. Any suggestions? Im not really good at ocing my gpu.
  4. Well now i realize maybe the votage is locked on mycard? everytime i try to bump the voltages it sets them back to stock.
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    Those readings have to be messed up. Crashing in a game after overclocking is almost certainly an issue with too much overclocking. Keep it at stock and see if it works right.

    I would ignore the voltage readings if they keep showing that.

    If you have a multimeter you can check the voltage of your power supply from one of the molex(LP4) connectors Black -> Yellow is 12V DC +/- 5% for most power supplies.

    No way the system would run with those voltages.
  6. Well thank you i got it stable now just added a bit more voltage for some reason it wouldnt let me put it up .02 i had to increase it my .05 before it would stick. Thanks for the replies!
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  8. Well that is a very small bump. I would not guess you can harm it with that :)

    Just keep an eye on it for a while to ensure nothing else strange is happening.
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