Monitor makes a buzzing noise?

So originally the monitor wouldnt even come on and made a buzzing noise when trying to come on. In faint lettering it said power saving mode. Now the monitor appears to be on but nothing displays. Continues to make a buzzing noise etc.... whats going on? Its a dell monitor and any way to fix this issue or no?
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  1. Shine a flash light on it and see if you can see image or the power saving move when it first comes on.

    If the backlight fails, the screen will come on, but look black.

    As far as buzzing, many monitors will do it(CCFL lit ones), but normally you have you have to have your head right near it to hear.

    If you backlight has failed, it can be replaced, but is not a beginners job. Sometimes you may be better off looking to replace it in this case(more so if it was very old and you would not mind an upgrade anyway.).
  2. This is certainly a puzzle. I cant see anything when doing the above you suggested. I noticed when I unplug the monitor though and then turn it on (of course always make a humming or buzzing noise when pushing the power buttong btw) I can see the color scheme display and then goes away... but when its plug in it doesnt display anything. Also, i have two other monitors tested them with the same cord and everything so I know its not a hardware issue.
  3. It sounds like a monitor issue them. Any chance it is still under warranty? I hear Dell is quite good for that.
  4. You might want to search here.
  5. My old Samsung had 3 failed caps and a blown fuze but after replacing it all, it just kept blowing the damn fuze.

    and YES the caps are the in the right way.

    I ended up replacing it.
  6. You are better off buying another monitor and they are dirt cheap, chances are besides having bad caps the coil inductors could be bad as well in the monitor's psu.

    You could give it a try just for kicks but like most flat screen lcd tvs such monitors once they start buzzing they are already on their way to failure.
  7. I have screens that have buzzed for years(5+ easy).

    Maybe I have hyper-active hearing or something but even the HP printer power supply buzzes.

    But yeah, replacement is a good idea in my book if you are not willing to mess with it. Also CCFL driven screens have rather high voltage to deal with.(600 volts or more in many cases)
  8. Indeed, I like LED screens much more except for being fragile. I am finding LCD monitors for as little as $15 for a 4:3 17in in like new consition. OP can easily buy a 16:9 19in or better led screen locally for $120-150 if in the US.
  9. My only issue with LED is the more narrower color spectrum(on many of them, this does not mean ALL would be effected), but I have very high doubts it effects many users.
  10. I think that you should just replace the monitor.
    It would cost a lot to get it repaired. I have an old Samatron monitor manufactured in may 1992.
    When I hooked it up to my HP Pavilion 8240, it made a buzzing sound. On other computers (Gateway Essential 500, Compaq Desk Pro, and some weird thing my uncle built) it worked fine. Usually buzzing sounds have to do with frequencies. The computer should be set for 50 hertz. But in your case, i think you should just replace it.
  11. Sounds like bad capacitors.
    If you have a thrift store nearby, its worth a browse.
    I bought a ASUS 1440x900 monitor for $20
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