Dots appearing on screen

I've been having these dots appear on the screen randomly and they only TEND to appear while gaming, they wont happen for days or even a week or to but then they'll appear again. I've tried re-seating all my card and ram but to no success.

i have no ideas what it could be,

AMD Readon XFX special edition 7770 Ghz edition
AMD Phenom X4 3.2 Ghz
G-Skill Ripjaws 2x4Gbs 1333
amd 770 northbridge
2 Tb Seagate 6 Gb/s 7200Rpm

Any ideas welcome and thank you ahead of time
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  1. try this and see if dot are coming on
  2. Dead Pixel? It could be on the card itself or the HDMI cable
  3. No dots appeared while running it, temp got to 76C and then stayed there. granted, ive been having these issues and i just installed CCC 13.1 today and am curious if that may have fixed the issue, im not quite sure though as i have no idea how to force these dots, they appear in borderlands 2 a lot but that is also what im currently playing on a daily basis, im sure if i played others it would appear more in there too.

    I also failed to mention, these dots can seemingly stick to a certain texture or pattern, ive gotten on the sides of browser windows and if i scroll they stay attached to the ad, text etc, and if i scroll back up they are still back up there
  4. if you reduce the browser screen in half and play with her on the screen to see if it does change the dots or where you see them ,you could also use a monitor test software,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41248874,d.dmQ&fp=8bed948064d3e55e&biw=1920&bih=927
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