My god what did swapping a new GPU do to my PC???

So I got my friends 5770 (which turns out is semi busted-black screen of death) anyways after a TON of cold booting I destroyed my HDD and was forced to get a new SSD...

Now I have my old GPU, old CPU, old ram, old mobo. All of those are pretty updated except my GPU is old but they all worked PERFECTLY before I swapped GPU's adn now HDD's!!

Ok so my question is I get RANDOM FREEZES now.

Would you guys think its a bad windows installation? The CPU is intel quad core, ram 8gb, mobo a gigabyte, SSD hdd, and gta 250.

All of those worked in synch perfectly (xcept an older hdd not ssd)

I installed it fine and it worked decently but still had some freezes but now its constantly freezing.

I used speedfan everything was in order AND I cleaned it out.

My only reasoning must be a bad windows installation right?
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  1. Tell us your full specs and what gpu did you swap for and the power supply model and wattage
  2. i had this prob if your psu is bad then test the system with diffrent if its good un plun every cable in th system and re plug them in my pc did this when i put new videocard in it and thhat fixed it for me you could have bumped a wire and loosend the connection and the pc is now unstable
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