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Compaq Presario c751nr display turning green

January 22, 2013 5:20:54 PM

So here's an interesting problem that recently cropped up on a Compaq c751nr laptop that I picked up from one of my parents has a hobby project: If I angle the screen back to the angle I usually tilt it back to to use the laptop, the colors on the display turn various shades of purple and green. Green usually takes the place of darker colors (for instance the dark red I use for the Windows 8 Start screen) and pink takes the place of lighter colors, like white.

If I tilt the screen back towards me, usually to the point where the display is perpendicular to the keyboard, the display goes back to normal. So, I'm a least fairly confident that the problem is not a software issue, and not a graphics chip issue. I'm also fairly confident that it's not a problem with the display itself.

Basically, I want to nail down where the problem is: is it the inverter board below the display? Is the LCD ribbon cable getting pinched and damaged somehow? Is it another cable? Is it something else I'm completely unaware of? Is it gremlins? (Those do seem to keep messing with our ASUS tablet's charge/transfer cable lately...)

I mostly want to know what to spend my money on as far as potential part replacement, so that I'm not buying a bunch of parts I don't need.

Your thoughts and advice are much appreciated.