Windows 7 crashes every time i connect to the homegroup

Whenever I connect to the homegroup my main pc crashes (BSOD). It's a quad core HP with 4 gigs of RAM and 4 more via ready boost (running 7 obviously though an upgraded version from vista)

This happens from two other machines running 7 though fresh installs.

The main pc crashes when I try to access the external drives connected through a powered hub. All of these drives (4 in total) have their own power supply to them as well as the Hub. Any ideas? I was considering power supply issues to the drives though it worked well using vista and never had a BSOD.
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  1. Are you running Symantec 360 at all? There was a problem with this and until you upgrade it to the latest version, you'll have this problem.
  2. I am getting the same thing today. I do have Norton Internet Sec '09. Just ran Live Update and installed 2 updates hopefully that fixes it.
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