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Graphics card temperatures skyrocket

I recently had to RMA a graphics card to MSI because the last stopped working due to unknown causes. It ran perfectly well, with very stable temperatures of around 60-70c under heavy load. They swapped that graphics card for a new one, and sent it on over, and now I'm having issues where my GPU runs at 30-35c while on desktop, but as soon as I run a game, the temperature skyrockets up to around 90-100c. What might be the cause of this? The fans are working properly and it is not overclocked.

Motherboard = Asus P8Z77v-pro
CPU = Intel i5 3570k
GPU = MSI Radeon 7950 Twin Frozr III

Any ideas?

Edit: Checked the thermal paste/heatsink, all seem to be fine.
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  1. Airflow of your case?

    The image above is how the airflow in my case is directed. I've tried with the side panel off, but that didn't change anything.
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    Are the fans spinning up to speed?
    Do you have any program that can control or monitor the fan speeds?
    If so, check to see if they are working correctly.
  4. They are working properly, I have them running at 100% right now as a test. The temperature seems to halt at 95 degrees celcius.
  5. Update: Just going to RMA it again. Got off the phone with tech support and they said that the card they swapped it with (not new as I expected) had critical overheating issues. Not a surprise. Thank you for the replies, think i'm going to stick with Nvidia after this. :P
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