PSU requirements for a GTX 660 non ti

Hi guys,

I am building a new pc and I will be running a Phenom ii x4 965 BE and a gtx 660 non ti. On Nvidia's website it says I need a 450w minimum, but I feel as the processor has a TDP of 125w I should go 500w.

Can someone please help and maybe offer advice on which PSU wattage to get.

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  1. For a system like this you should get a 500w, make sure its a good brand aswell such as corsair.
  2. 450w with one 6 pin pcie connector, with 24 amps.
    So a decent one with 450w from brands like corsair, xfx, seasonic, antec, pc power and cooling,etc.
    You can get a 500w psu if it's cheaper from those brands.
    Your system will not pull more than ~300w.
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