New HDTV no signal


Just bought new HDTV and im stuck trying to get a signal from HDMI with onboard graphics or DVI thru GPU.

Everything currently works on the current HDTV i am using.


i5 3570
HD 4870 x2 crossfire
H77 Pro 4 M

any help would be greatly appreciated,

Cheers in advance
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Is the TV a different size?
    try adjusting the resolution.

    Yeah its actually 40inch as to the old 32inch but I can't get a picture to adjust the resolution and I thought it would just be same as 1080i.

    You think the only thing I could do is put tellys side by side and keep dealing cables or is there an easier way.

    Thanks for answering matey.
  2. OK seems a very common issue. I got signal only with vga.

    Are able to use dvi - vga converter but no hdmi.

    Is it possible it could be the telly? Silly question i know but i would guess all hdmil telly's could get signal from desktop.
  3. Funny thing, tv broke taken it back got another different make and works fine

    thanks all
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