Which graphics card for a 3D TV?

I just bought a LG 65LM6200 3D television. It comes with its own passive glasses.

It’s 120Mhz, 1080p and claims to support many 3D technologies (sequential frame, side by side, top bottom, anaglyph and a couple others).

I have a media PC that is only used for watching DVDs and videos. It's connected to my surround sound receiver by HDMI and it passes the HDMI out to the TV.

I recently added a Blu-Ray player and the Arcsoft TotalMedia player software that supports 3D.

My current NVidia GeForce will only show the 3D content on the television in 720p. I would like to upgrade to 1080p.

A lot of 3D graphics cards can only do 3D on a computer monitor and not a 3D TV.

So, I need a card that can handle 3D in 1080p on a TV.

Is it as simple as finding a card that can do 1080p at 60Mhz?

Which graphics card(s) would be the best choice to play Blu-Ray movies in 3D on my television at 1080p?
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  1. Nvidia 3DTV play doesn't support 1080p, since you're limited to HDMI, and carrying a 1080p image 120 times a second requires dual link DVI.

    I wouldn't use anything less than a 670 for 3D, its really hefty and murders framerate.
  2. @cookybiscuit - Thanks for the input. It’s a different world between gaming and DVD movies.

    DVD players only send at 30 frames per second.

    Blu-Ray players that support 3D are merely sending 60 frames per second, which is supported by 1 HDMI cable. The 3D TV then converges the two images and it is displayed at 30 frames per second.

    That’s why 3D TVs are a multiple of 60Hz - to accommodate 2 images per frame (left eye and right eye) at 30 frames per second.

    My TV is 120Hz which takes the images at the lower fps and does some funky Photoshop to add extra frames. It’s supposed to smooth motion and introduce clarity. However, reviews seem to say that most people cannot tell the difference.
  3. Get a GTX670, Its a Beast for 1080p.
    And with 3D it will will Blow of the Games on High fps

    Anything around 50fps is enough and smooth.
    Many Experienced Players can only Tell difference between 100fps and 60fps.
    I too can't :lol: Well, Who cares until its 50+ ;)
  4. Sorry I just saw 3D and assumed gaming. I've never used mine for movies so I'm not sure how that works out.
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