Please answer quick! GPU question (auction ending)

I see an auction for a BFG 7900 GT OC graphics card (used), what would be a reasonable price to bid? what was it's original price? One more, do you have to plug directly into your gpu to get the benefits from it? Because I want HDMI and some of the gpus don't have an hdmi out.
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  1. no way!!! you can get a new one for the same price you never know how much its been used for and something could be faulty, i would reccommend buying a card from scan if ur in the uk and if ur in the us buy from newegg
    660ti for 230 bucks new
  2. This graphics card is currently at 15 dollars because it's misspelled.
  3. $15 is about what a used 7900GT is worth... it's an ancient card.
  4. oh ok, thanks, I won't bother bidding then
  5. Bic5 said:
    oh ok, thanks, I won't bother bidding then

    Good call, I don't recall the 7900GT's as having HDMI outputs anyway.
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