Sapphire 7970 Vapor-X GHz no signal?

I removed all the old drivers, put the new card in, installed all the new drivers (I think, I'm on 12.11 beta). I then go to start up Far Cry 3, I move all the settings to Ultra and put anti aliasing to 4, I take 10 steps (in the game) and then my screen goes black and it says no signal. My keyboard also apparently died since the lights went out. Had to turn off PC and now I started it back up and everything seems fine again..? Did I do something wrong?

Specs: Mobo: z68 extreme3 gen3
: 8 GB RAM (2x4)
: Intel i5-2500k @ 3.3
: PSU- Seasonic x-850 (replacing with Rosewill Capstone 750 because of coil whine two times in a row)

Edit: Forgot to add that the white light on the gpu also went out.
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  1. When you restart the computer, does Far Cry Work? Sounds like a power supply issue.
  2. :whistle: double checked the cables again.... the 2 pin on the 2+6 pin connector was sticking out a little bit. Now everything works. Facepalm.

    Oh and oddly enough, I just noticed the PSU coil whine is gone now after I installed the new card.
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