TN monitor not cutting it, New AH-IPS Viewsonic monitor

I own a 23" TN pane, that isn't very well made. (Also has terriable whites/light colors) I saw Tom did a review on them:,3385-10.html

But my one concern is response time. Is 7m too high for gaming? And if so, is it worth it for the better color qaulity? Thanks!
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  1. If it is just for gaming, just save some money on a good tn monitor. Plus I would never go above 24" if the res is only 1080p.
  2. It comes in a 23" flavor. Still you would say no?

    Plus I can get it for 169$)
  3. I got the Asus 23.5" IPS/LED back light Panel for $175 from newegg... it's been pretty damn good so far.... no lag while gaming...
    and 7ms isn't bad. as long as it's not gtg.... if it says 5 ms gtg, then the panel is usually good enough for gaming... (as long as it's below like 15ms actual real world response rate...)
  4. That is fine, why would I say no?

    @killer Which model?
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