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I am gonna set up video capturing system with three wd's HDD's. One for the operating system and two other drives in Raid 0 for video work. Until now after reading impressive reviews from many people i was dicided to use wd's special edition 2 x 120 gb with 8 mb cache drives for my Raid 0. But in these article

which reads like this...

Second, hard drives (and file systems) are designed for lots of little reads and writes with time to rest in-between. They were not designed to handle very, very large files that absolutely must have continuous, uninterrupted data transfers both to and from the drive. Because of this many hard disk drives use a caching system
to boost speed. Unfortunately, those caches are too small to do any good when you're trying to save or read a 10 GB video file. If you find that you are dropping frames while capturing (the most common problem) then you might have to disable the hard drive's buffering.

Dr.Tom even recons to disable the hdd's cache altogether?. Since my system is exclusively for video capturing what is the best idea?. Shold is consider buying normal 120 gb with 2 mb cache and even disable that cache or buy special edition and leave 16 mb available cache open?.

And another question is i am gonna use asus a7v266-E motherboard with PDC20265R RAID onboard controller. According to anandtechs following preview links for Raid 0 with promise controller 64 kb stripe is the best. But i am wondering they might have considered all situations, mine is only to do with large video capturing files is this stripe size is best or i should consider bigger size stripe sets.


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  1. I doubt cache would affect video editing performance in anyway. The cache will only speed up small file operations done on the hard drive (eg. saving small <8MB or <2MB files to the hard drive).

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