How do I connect multiple unmanaged switches to a router?

I have a linksys E3000 gigabit wireless router with 4 ports, two unmanaged Trendnet 8 port gigabit switches and one unmanaged Trendnet Poe 8 port 10/100 switch. My question is what is the right or best way to connect these together?
(The majority of connections are just to unused wall connection plates, the used connections are to a home automation controller, a security dvr, a roku, a wdtvlive media player, a NAS, a network printer, a security screen and two desktops computers)
1. use a standard ethernet cable for each switch to the router?
2. Use a standard ehternet cable from the router to switch 1 then from switch 1 to switch 2 to switch 3?
3. Use a standard ehternet cable from the router to the 1st switch then a cross over cable to switch 2 then cross over cable to switch 3??
4. to your configuration. . . ..
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  1. Connect 1 switch to a port on your liksys router, then branch out the rest from that one swich. Or two switches to router and branch out from there (depending on your needs). You would probably want the least possible connections on the router itself to minimise the traffic through the router to only devices needing internet access. You wont need crossover cables unless your switches are very old or specifically need them for some reason.
    Generally you are setting up a network that is likely too big for your router to handle without some bottlenecking.

    PS If it's an option, loose the 10/100! :)
  2. Thanks for the advice! I need the 10/100 for the Poe to power a touch screen for my home automation- sometime in the future I will get a gigabyte Poe switch, unless this is my problem! The traffic is very light on this network, extremely unlikely that more than 3 devices will be in use at any given time. Do you have any suggestion on a new router as well? (my internet speedtest shows 5ms ping 25.56Mbps Download 4.24Mbps upload)

    I also have an issue I may need to post as a separate issue. Actually the issue that made me think I had my switches connected incorrectly - I will try your configuration first - My NAS and WDTVlive media player does not show up as accessible devices under computer or network depending on Win7, Vista or XP. – When I reboot the router and switches then the NAS and WDtv are accessible for a few days then disappear.
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    If you want the best: ASUS RT-N56U Black Diamond Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless-N Router seems to be leading the charts now! But if oyu want more options check this out:

    Be sure all your devices have the same three first IP components ( Also if any are using static IPs, leave those addresses out of the DHCP pool you are using. If you don't, any other device may lease the address when the WDTV is off, and when you turn it on it will never connect till the address is free.

    Your WDTV will often get cocky, but that can usually be fixed by checking connection from the Network settings or power cycling it.
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